So you want to create a WordPress site?

We specialize in helping 7 figure businesses straighten out their tech in order to get to the next level. 

We often get new businesses that want a clean site that works right from the start. 

My recommendation is always to start as simple as possible. 

Recently I met with a Electrical contractor. 

He doesn’t have a site, logo or url. 

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in making a site the most amazing site ever. 


He doesn’t need that right now. You know what he needs, sales. 


He could start adding in automation. He could hire an amazing designer. He could hire an epic copywriter. 


He could also get something up, send people to it and get people to submit the form to have him do work for them. 


No amount of amazing design, tech or copy can account for if he doesn’t have a solid offer. 


He needs to get out there and ensure people know he exists. 


That’s why we created our Foundational WordPress Site. 


It gives him what he needs. It takes care of a base-level of design, content and automation. 


It also takes the tech burden off of him to ensure that he can focus on selling and not on which form plugin to add to the site.  



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