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Specializing in membership sites over 7  subscription businesses with courses, certifications, directories and a high level of complexity.

Tech is supposed to be easy. It’s supposed to do the job and give you move time. 

Except it doesn’t. 

Implementing new tech seems to an endless stream of promises not delivered on and fires to be put out. 

You need an accountant to manage your books, you need a Technology Management Agency  to handle your tech. 


Get rid of the wasted efforts and things that just aren't working. Double down on what is working and make more by doing less.


Use cutting edge technolgy to understand the behavior of your customers. Use this data to put the best tools in place to automate an exceptional customer experience with just the right amount of human interaction.


Stop putting out fires and start enjoying the fruits of your hard work. With the right partner and technology you'll have systems in your business that allow you and your team to take a breath.

When you started, you just needed to get it done. Now, things are a bit messier and it’s holding you back from getting to the next level.

You didn’t get where you are quickly or easily, but now that you’ve reached this level, you likely thought it would be cleaner, smoother, and more organized.

Turns out running a technology-centric business can get complicated quickly.

This isn’t a platform problem. It’s a complexity problem. You have one system for email marketing. Another system for billing. Maybe multiple ways people get billed. You have ecommerce carts, learning management features, automations, and more.

You want:

Increased Revenue

Cut Overhead Costs

Exceptional UX

It’s hard do all of the above when you’re taking care of platforms. It’s like you spend more time figuring out the tech than you do actually making progress.

Whether you’re using Infusionsoft (now Keap), WooCommerce, LearnDash, Memberium, ActiveCampaign or BuddyBoss, the problem isn’t the platform. It’s the mess that comes from connecting and coordinating all of them to work together.

I bet it sometimes feels like you are playing hacky sack between the service providers you have hired. The CRM person knows the CRM, the WordPress person knows WordPress and your social gal is trying to get this promotion out but she isn’t sure who to talk to. You need a team to pull it all together that knows all of your tools.

For over a decade we’ve been helping customers just like you with their membership sites. Our team focuses on your systems so you don’t have to. We’re an extension of your team, and unlike a freelancer, we won’t skip town when faced with a complex problem.
We’ve seen it all before.

If you’ve tried these strategies (and discovered they didn’t work), then it’s time for us to talk:

I bet you’re starting to wonder if this is just the reality of tech, it’s not. 

It’s the reality of working with people who “can do” membership sites. The guy down the street “can do” my plumbing for me. 

You want things to be done right. You want the people you hire to bring you solutions, not yet another problem. You want it handled. You are tired of managing tech people, you have your own team to manage. Tech people promise the moon but few are willing to get in the trenches and work through the issues, which is why it’s often been left to you. 

Your business is doing well and only going to get better, the tech is holding you back. 

You got by with the people who can “do” membership sites. 

Now it’s time to bring in the expert in order to put in that next level facet. 


It's time to chat

You need someone that will understand your business. Create the technical strategy to get you to the next level. Then implement the process and people to maintain and optimize.

What clients have to say about working with BTN:

It has been an awesome experience from the get-go working with Melodie and her team. In fact, it has been so good that we have given her non-stop projects since the completion of our first one. We just keep rolling into new projects with her, because we know Melodie will deliver…a rarity in the Infusionsoft/Memberium/Tech space…

Tanner Larsson


From complex programming projects like creating a bespoke checkout or building an entire membership site, to the daily troubleshooting, tweaking and ongoing maintenance of our entire e-commerce platform – BTN have got it covered.

Wendy Powell

Founder + CEO, MUTU System

First things first I want to Thank God for guiding me to Melodie Moore! After being ripped off for thousands of dollars by a fake “so called” Infusionsoft expert in Seminole, Florida, Melodie came in and totally saved my entire project. If you are looking for a REAL expert who knows Infusionsoft in and out and also things such as WordPress, Memberium and Learndash, I highly recommend that you contact Business Tech Ninjas! 

Mark Whitten


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Partner Showcase Award Winner

Business Tech Ninjas Partner Showcase Award Winning Presentation at ICON with Wendy Powell from MUTU System.
(Icon was listed as one of the top entrepreneur conferences by Forbes)

We won the Partner Showcase award for our work with MUTU System. While working with us, MUTU System sales went from $500,000 to over $1,000,000. The MUTU System is an online program for women after they have a baby.

From the official KEAP press release:

“Business Tech Ninjas helped their client, MUTU System, a wellness and fitness business double their revenue, grow their contact list by nearly 550%, and create a seamless process for the customer service team to deliver their offerings more efficiently.”

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