Choosing The Right Community Option For Your Membership

Why Your Membership Needs More Than Just Great Content – It Needs a Vibrant Community!

🎉 Members come for the content and stay for the community.
Try finding a scaling membership site where this isn’t the case – good luck, I’ll wait!

Ah, the buzz of a thriving online community!

It’s the secret sauce, the magic ingredient in the world of membership sites. And here’s a playful truth bomb for you: you can sell courses without a sense of community, but oh boy, it’s going to feel like pushing a boulder uphill each time to get repeat buyers. Why? Because we, my friends, are social butterflies at heart!

Building a thriving community is key to scaling your membership site.

It’s not just about having a community space but fostering genuine engagement. Whether it’s through Facebook, a WordPress site, live events, or direct outreach, the essence lies in making your members feel connected and involved. Remember, the community’s platform should align with your business needs and the effort you’re willing to invest.

The Community Conundrum

The biggest facepalm moment? Treating community building like a lazy Sunday afternoon chore. Imagine throwing a party, forgetting to send out invites, and then standing in your party hat wondering why no one’s showing up. Yep, that’s what neglecting your community feels like.

The Dancefloor Analogy

Every thriving community needs its own cheerleader, the one who braves the empty dance floor first and beckons others to join. Before you know it, the floor’s buzzing, and the party’s alive! That’s what a community leader does. They are the heartbeat, the movers, the shakers.

Beyond Online Forums

Now, let’s think outside the box. Community doesn’t just mean an online forum. It can be through your Insta DMs, live webinars, or even a good old fashioned phone call. The point? Tailor it to suit your business’s rhythm. The only non-negotiable here is my everlasting dislike for goat cheese. (Yes, really.)

Location, Location, Location

Before you jump into choosing a platform, ask yourself – how much glitter and energy can I sprinkle into this community? If you’re already swamped, Facebook’s your low-maintenance bestie. But remember, anything off Facebook needs more muscle to draw people in.

The WordPress Magic

For seamless integration, WordPress is like that reliable friend who always shows up. It links beautifully with your other content and offers a cozy, controlled space for your members.

Standalone Platforms – A Double-Edged Sword

Platforms like Circle and Mighty Networks are like those flashy new gadgets – fantastic for social stuff but kinda meh when it comes to courses and memberships. Integration headaches? Yeah, we’ve been there.

The Real Key to Community

Remember, whether it’s a forum, a Facebook group, or carrier pigeons (okay, maybe not pigeons), the heart of community is connection. It’s about making your members feel like they’re part of something bigger, something special.

🚀 So, what’s your flavor? Based on your unique content and approach,

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