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You want your tech handled, to work with a team that has done it before so they aren’t learning on your dime. You understand that things don’t always work, but you want them to sort it out ASAP. You’re tired of having to explain how to do things or chase people. You want to focus on your business.

It’s been frustrating finding people to help you sort out all this techy stuff. Often, they make promises that they don’t keep. They say they “can” do something, which results in you paying for their learning curve in both hourly rate and mistakes they make.

You ask them to do the tasks, but you are constantly having to push it forward and point out the logical things.

Why should a client have to click 3 times? Why can’t it just be once? 

Sometimes they just stop responding to you altogether. Where does that leave you?


Surely, there must be a company out there that understands tech, brings ideas to the table, and is on top of their stuff so you don’t have to chase them.

This would give you the space and time to be able to think about which strategies and tactics make sense for you, rather than researching which membership tool to use.

“Hi, I’m Melodie Moore.

I’m the founder and CEO of Business Tech Ninjas. 

I’ve been building and maintaining 7 & 8 figure membership sites for over 10 years. We’re in the background of some of the biggest and most profitable sites on the web. 

I started BTN because I was frustrated by the quality of work that was provided by tech companies. They didn’t think proactively, things kept being put back on me, and I was constantly chasing them.  I was the customer — why was I chasing them?

I’ve been training and mentoring my team to raise the level of technical service to allow the space for business owners to step into working on their businesses rather than working in them.

We have 2 options below for companies with under or over 500k in revenue.

At our Growth level, you will work with my team. They are held to my standard of excellence, working with the proven systems and processes that have built dozens of 7 and 8 figure businesses.

On our Momentum level, you’ll work directly with me to understand your technical strategy and how it flows into your marketing and sales to create Momentum.”


Revenue under $500k

This program is for businesses that have a general idea of what needs to be done and want the best practices for how it is implemented. You don’t need technical strategy — you need dependable support, proactive fixes, and stability. 

On this program, we’ll maintain and optimize what you already have. 

You can also add new features or functions by purchasing a project.

How it works:

To qualify, we must complete an audit. During this audit, we will decide if your site meets our stability standards. If it doesn’t meet our standards, we’ll give you a cost to get it up to par. If you choose not to move forward, then we’ll issue you a refund for the audit upon request. 


Revenue over $500k

This program is for businesses that have far too much manual work or their technical systems are just a mess. In special cases, it is a combination of both. At this level of growth, you need more than a task master — you need a technical strategy. 

On this program, we’ll fix or rebuild your current systems. We’ll work with you to ensure it is documented. Your team will be trained, and you’ll have the keys to your own kingdom. 

How it works:

You must be doing 500k or more to be eligible. We start with a 3-month kickstart. Depending on the work involved, we might be able to get to a place of stability and put you on the Growth program to maintain your site going forward. 

If your business is growing quickly or there are many systems to rebuild, then you can stay on the Momentum program. 

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