What is a membership site?

Read below to find out what a membership site can do for your business

A membership site has protected content that a member must have a login in order to view. THe most common versions are for courses and monthly memberships. We are seeing a rise in customer service membership sites, commonly referred to as client portals. These sites allow businesses to give their customers an exclusive access to resources and self serve customer service.

WordPress vs Cloud hosted membership sites

WordPress Membership Sites
With a WordPress based solution you have much more flexibility but there does tend to be more of a learning curve.  Common plugins that allow you to turn your WordPress Website into a membership site are: Memberium, Accessally and Memberpress.

Cloud Hosted Membership Sites
With cloud hosted options you will login to the Cloud platform to input more content or mange your membership site. You will need to follow what they have laid out but it tends to be easier to launch yourself. Common platforms are Kajabi, Thinkific and Teachable.

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