We help build, manage and scale some of the most successful membership sites. Below is a selection of the services that allowed them to scale with less stress, more profit and greater customer satisfaction.

Client Portal

Allow your client to pay outstanding invoices, submit documents and see the status of their account based on tag. Connects with Infusionsoft.

Membership Site

Allow members to go through courses, view content conditionally and upsell them to other offers.

A great member journey is what makes or breaks a membership site. New membership owners can sometimes get on with having a less than stellar experience because they have that personal touch with most members. When you start to scale, member expectations scale as well. They are less understanding or poor user experience, not being able to find items in your site and technical issues. 

After working with dozens of scaling membership sites with thousands of members, bringing in millions of dollars we have learned what works and what doesn’t when building and scaling membership sites. 

The fundamentals of a great members site starts with 3 main components:

1 – Welcome and nurture 

2 – Welcome page 

3 – Dashboard page

As you get more members in then you’ll need to ensure that your payment failure is on point and removing access when an account fails. We do deep dives on a weekly basis and in every membership site, large or small I can find a payment failure issue. Don’t let your hard earned membership dues fall between the cracks. 

There are then some great optional items depending on what you offer your members and what your pain points are. 

Has not logged in (first login)

Has not logged in (Retention amplifier)

Recurring call reminders with automatic recording 

Document collection 

Certification automation & Follow Up 

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