Our process has enabled us to user technology to alleviate stress, grow revenue and create a better member experience for our clients.

It’s not magic, it’s methodical.  

We believe that technology has a magic element to it where things just work.

That however, is not the reality for most businesses. 

This is because businesses, our clients are not experts in technology. They know their business but don’t know exactly the tech to improve their business. It’s hard to keep up with so many options at any given time. There are over 20 tools for building a membership site alone.

Other technical service providers expect their client to know exactly what they want. They don’t have the skills, experience and systems to ask the right questions to better understand what you need. 

We are the technical experts. 

We work with you, listen to your pain and figure out which one of the 20 different tools or systems to use to make it better based on our experience.

Oh, and we stick around after to support you as well. We can set something up, works beautifully and then something gets updated and all hell breaks loose. The variability and troubleshooting of tech is what we do. By the time you send us a message about something not working, we’ve probably already got the fix for you. 

Everyday we are working, testing and experimenting with the latest tech to ensure that our solutions are stable, as error free as possible and make life easier for our clients. 

We want you to fall in love with your tech or more accurately all the wonderful things it just takes care of for you.

It’s a science we’re constantly improving and testing to produce stable tech systems that just work. 

Our process is based loosely on the ideas from the Lean Startup – The idea of Build > Measure > Learn. This is centered around the idea of less planning, more testing and a quicker feedback loop.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of weeks / months of planning and by the time you get to actually building, the technology has changed and your solution is irrelevant. Tech moves very quickly and often sales pages over promise and under deliver. 

We need to get in there, mess around and see how the tech actually behaves for your business rather than endless planning that leads to assumptions which cost time, money and cause massive amounts of frustration. 

This is how we do it differently and dare I say, better

It is all too easy to think of all the things we can do rather than what needs to happen first. During this phase we figure out what are the most important aspects of the system and how to measure success. With focus we waste less time on shiny objects that don’t move the needle.

During this phase we work through how this system will play out in your business on the day-to-day. We create version 1 of the system and go through it with you to make sure it makes sense to you. We take what you know best, your business and combine is with our expertise to create the best possible solution. 

We take what we learned from collaborating with you and refine the system to your needs. This is where we test and potentially launch what we have built, depending on the feedback we have from you. This is where we add our special magic to ensure that we’ve thought about ways it can fail, tested and put checks in place to ensure it works. 

We may go through this cycle several times, depending on the complexity of your system. We launch in the Refine phase and come back to our focus to keep going through the cycle. 

Watch the video below to have our founder Melodie Moore, walk you through our process.


Tech is not a one and done. 
It is like a house and together we keep making your tech better and better. 

Till one day you can’t believe you ever had to do ___________________ manually. 

Scroll below to see more detail on the Business Tech Ninjas FCR Process





We figure out what the main objective our work together is and how we measure success. How can our work together be successful without a measurement stick? 


With this focus we are able to decide which options makes the most sense for you right now and which ones might be part of a version 2 of our work together. 


Doing this allows us to avoid shiny objects and the illusion of progress. 





In this phase we walk you and your team through the workflow and how the solution will act in the real world. It can be hard for clients to visualize or understand how a system comes together.


By creating version 1 and allowing you to see it live, you are better able to give us valuable feedback to make the necessary adjustments. 


This allows us to spend less time writing out how something is going to work, with assumptions. Instead we get right to the meat of testing and make sure it works for you. 








During this phase we take what we learned during the collaborate phase and make the changes to the system. These are changes that you ask for and also changes that we know, from experience will be needed based on your needs. 


We know technology but you know your business. This phase allows us to take your knowledge of the business and refine with the best tech to make it as seamless as possible. 


This allows us to take the best of both worlds and create the most stable and consistent tech stack for you. 

How it all comes together



Depending on how complicated the system, we might go through the above phases several time. We always come back to the outcomes we are looking to achieve. It is easy to get caught in the weeds with all the things we could do and get distracted away from the core functions. 


The launch happens within the Refine Phase, after having run you through the system and ensuring it makes sense for you. After launch, we revisit our focus to see how the measurables are doing. 


We then collaborate and see how it can potentially improve it. This goes back to us to refine and the whole cycle starts over. 

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