Our process has enabled us to use technology to alleviate stress, grow revenue and create a better member experience for our clients.

It’s not magic, it’s methodical.  

It shouldn’t be this hard to get ___________________________ done.

You know you could figure it out if only you had the time but you also know your time is better spent elsewhere. 

You’ve got enough to think about as it is. You’re not the tech experts but the consultants, agencies and team members you have keep putting the problems back on you like you are. 

You are tired of…

We have the same frustrations and have created our systems to solve for them.  

We guide your decisions and put a foundation in place based on…


Your tech should work consistently
Putting out fires is too much of a distraction.


Your tech should work for many
You've got big growth plans and need to make sure your tech supports your growth


Exceptional User Experience
Frustrated customers don't become return and reffering customers

With a decision-making process in hand that allows us to move quicker and with less fuss, we follow the Progress Framework below.

There is one underlying rule, progress over perfection.

It assumes there will be more steps rather than getting it perfect right out the bat wasting time on incorrect assumptions.

Some agencies will sell you on a BIG project to “solve all your problems and give you a back rub”. All the power to the, we haven’t found this to be an effective way to get our clients to the end results they want.

Sometimes the end result is different better, than what we originally planned. The Progress Framework creates the space for that.


We get clear on what you already have in order to leverage it with the work we do together. This phase reduces redundancy and allows us to make quicker work. We will typically do an Educational Consulting Call or an Audit in this phase. 


We work with you on the MANY options of how to achieve your outcome and advise on the one that makes the most sense for YOU. This is the difference between going to a task master and an expert. Experts guide you through the options, task masters do what they are told. 

Prioritize & Model

We can get everything done but not all at once. By setting priorities, we get higher quality work done in less time. Having a long list may SEEM like a good idea but it ends up extending timelines and creating frustrations on all sides. 

During this phase we’ll get you version 1 working models to make sure we are on the same back before moving to the bulk of getting it done, the work. 


There isn’t so much back and forth in this phase as we’ve done the hard work of putting a solid plan in place. Now, we get to work and get it done. We come back consistently to ensure the solution will work for you and your business.

Measure & Tweak

Once the build portion is completed, we launch, measure and tweak. A project could site here or go back into the prioritize and model for the next phase of the project.  

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