How It Works

Turn your chaos into opportunity and accelerated growth.

You’ve worked long and hard to get to this point. Now you want to get to the next level but it seems like you spend more time putting out fires than anything else. 

To get here, you had to hustle. You had to figure out the “JUST MAKE IT WORK!” solutions. It wasn’t easy and you would really like to bring more ease into your business. You thought that once you got to this level it would be easier but it’s just more complicated. 

Your chaos is not unique to you, it is the product of business growth. It is the product of your success. 

It can be easier. You can have systematic growth. You can know your numbers. Furthermore, you can rely on tech people who get the technical and business challenges you are facing. 

There is an art to streamlining a million-dollar membership site so that it can get to even bigger impact and revenue. This process has been developed over 10 years on over 100 of sites. It accounts for all the wonderful surprises that throw other service providers into cycles of missed deadlines into account. 

We’re seen (pretty much) everything. Your tech shouldn’t be something that breaks every time to launch or make a change. You should be able to launch a new initiative within a week or less. Your design should be consistent and professional. Your internal team should be able to cover off on most things.  You should be able to edit your own site. You should have ownership and control over your own account. It is your business, after all. 

It all starts with an Audit

We need to understand where you are at and where you want to do. We can then clearly see the gap in your technology to get you there. 

The audit process uncovers what tech is holding you back.  When you go to the doctor, you tell them all the things you know. You’ve been feeling tired, your poop is always watery now and there is this strange lump in your throat. The doctor then assess you to understand what could be causing these and also some things you might not know to even ask about. You want to get back to health. The doctor lets you know what’s holding you back from that. (Goodbye jalapeño poppers) 

Our audit process takes into account what pain you are feeling and also applies our proven audit process. We’ll uncover things you didn’t even know about and opportunities you didn’t think about. 

You can do a full or partial audit. More established businesses will want to do the complete audit of each of the following areas. Businesses that are moving up to the 7-figure mark choose 1-3 areas to focus on.

Partial Audit

Collect More Reveue 
Convert more customers & retain more revenue
The payments audit goes into your sales functions. This could be a sales conversation, funnels or order forms. Could a few simple changes add 20% month over month? 

Email Delivery 

Email delivery is a game but you probably didn’t even know you were playing. What is your score and how can you win consistently at the email game so email becomes your greatest asset. 

Provide a better experience to your customers without increased labor costs. This means you can grow quicker without adding on additional team members. 

Member UX

Does it seem like no one can find anything in your site? Find out what pieces you are missing to create a member experience that keeps your members coming back time and time again.

Your design just doesn’t seem to convey the professionalism and expertise that you provide. 
Find out the common design mistakes you might be making.

Get more out of your business by smoothing out your operations. Stop wasting time on putting out fires. Be able to launch new initiatives without everything breaking. Make your business more agile to compete at a higher level. 

After the audit

You can choose a project or a growth plan. 

Project Plan

Growth Plan

Set price with specific scope

Set price with the flexibility to add and remove items from scope.

Progress is based on when you can get us items.

Consistently monthly progress 

Stop and starts for new projects or items that come in 

Consistent forward momentum each month 

Limited support for operational issues that come up

We’ll handle any tech issue and will work with you on where is falls within the priority

Tackle one project at a time

Multiple projects in progress at the same time

Once the audit it completed, there is work to be done. During the audit process we come up with a list of items based on impact and investment that are put in priority order. This list is discussed with you to ensure we are all on the same page with investment and outcome. In the last call of the audit process we solidify this plan 

Do we even know what we are talking about? We've proven ourselves time and time again with businesses just like yours.

“A failure to plan is a plan to fail” -Benjamin Franklin
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