How To Clean Up Your Infusionsoft tags and
Get Some Tag Sanity

We constantly run into tag and campaign organization issues in pretty much every app we get into. Down the road, this creates SERIOUS slow down in the app and a general sense of frustration in the business.
We’ve since done many tag cleanups for clients but a tag clean up is just the first step. There needs to be a system for naming that everyone in the company understands. It then needs to be looked at every 3 months to ensure that everyone is doing it.
There are a lot of methodologies out there for how to organize your tags but everyone seems to assume that cleaning them up is somehow obvious, which I disagree with. Deleting tags and campaigns is a nail-biting experience and without a step by step procedure, one that is bound to lead to even more stress.
We created the Tag Sanity System that takes into account organizing tags/campaigns, cleaning up current ones and how to maintain it on-going.
I made an overview video on the system and I am offering the template download of the Google doc we have used dozens of times to do this.
Not a ton of fanciness, just a boring effective tool that works.

Fill out the form below and I'll send you the template Google Doc and video walking you through the system

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