Build A Membership Site : Built on Wordpress using Infusionsoft or Active Campaign.

“ Membership sites allow business owners to deliver their content without lifting a finger, all the while providing a customized member experience. Let's talk about your membership site. Fill out the form below. ”
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  • Create and sell as many courses as you want: create free, paid, or trial memberships all within the same platform.
  • Automate member sign-up and fulfillment: send members logins automatically and ensure they are getting great value out of your site using automation.

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Mike Newton - Owner

I reached out to Melodie at Business Tech Ninjas (I love that name by the way) from a recommendation when I needed help organizing and streamlining my membership site. Frankly, my site was a mess after trying to do everything myself. The logic of the membership structure didn't make sense, the login process was inefficient and confusing for members, and most importantly it was causing me a lot of unnecessary wasted time with customer support. I spent well over a year trying to spot-fix everything myself before realizing that paying an expert would very quickly pay for itself in saved time. Working with Melodie was a breath of fresh air. She came to the table with excellent experience that was invaluable in helping me fix all the issues I had created. She was able to take a proactive approach in suggesting and implementing solutions I hadn't even thought of that made the whole experience much better for my members. Melodie was always quick and efficient with her communication with me. Turnarounds in requests were done quickly and it was a really easy process. I'll definitely hire her again for helping me out with membership site issues related to Memberium and very likely other items as well. Do yourself a favor and hire Business Tech Ninjas and let the professionals do what they do best while you use your invaluable time to do what you do best!

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We Build Membership Sites To Scale:

Advanced Automation

Utilize the full power of Infusionsoft or Active Campaign . We'll help uncover areas where you can automate to serve your members exceptionally well without creating a massive HR bill.

Exceptional User Experience 

We make your site user friendly so you can spend more time growing your member base rather than maintaining it. There is an art to usability and how people move through your site and content. We make it as easy as possible for them so they keep coming back. 

The Latest and Greatest Tools

We keep on top of the latest and greatest of what you can do with your membership site so you don't have to. We'll walk you through the options to understand what makes the most sense for you and your business.

Step-by-Step Next Steps

We'll show you how to maintain your site after we are done. Your site will grow and evolve with you and your business. We'll show you how it works so you can update it yourself.