Looking To Build A Membership Site or Upgrade Your Current One To Memberium? You've Come To The Right Place.


So you've decided to build a membership site or make your membership site 10x better. 

What next? 

Think of all the possibilities! 

  • Create an unlimited amount of courses
  • Have badges pop-up when someone completes a portion of the course 
  • Issue personalized certificates 
  • Automate member follow up to keep them HAPPY and coming back
  • Create re-occurring memberships, that's money in your bank every month!  
  • Show or hide offers based on what a member has purchased, done or how active they are
  • Build a training site for your staff and track if they are doing the work
  • Issue test, essays and only give out certificates if they get XX%
  • Allow customers to see their invoices, subscriptions and update credit cards 

The options are endless! 



That sounds a bit overwhelming (and exciting). With all those options and things you CAN do what makes the most sense for your business? 

Then you also have to take into account how you are going to handle customer service. Let's not forget the automation! Automation is the thing that makes it all run smoothly but boy it can get pretty hectic if you don't plan it out properly. 

What about user experience and ensuring your site is easy to use and provides HIGH value to your members. You have great content but you'll need some great user experience to translate that into great value for your members.