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“ You’ve put blood, sweat and tears into your current site but it’s time to move on. Maybe you want more flexibility, more features or a better customer experience for your members. No matter the reason, let’s make your membership site 20x better.”

-Melodie Moore

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We had a clunky site that we wanted to be freshened up for a better user experience. That’s how we found Melodie and Memberium. Before our very first meeting, she had us fill out a questionnaire so she could prepare and get an idea of what it was we were looking for. She came to every meeting, including the first one, with an agenda and made sure all of our questions were answered before we finished. As we would go through our existing processes, Melodie was always quick to point out ways to improve our site. Based on her feedback, we implemented a system to get feedback from our members and another one to increase upsells. Melodie and her team are prompt and meticulous superstars! Every deadline was met, and Melodie kept in touch with us throughout the process. She is incredibly knowledgeable about Memberium and all things computer tech related. The BTN team made our project look like it was just a walk in the park. Our site looks flawless now, and our customers love it!
Richard Chancy

Before: The membership site was on CustomerHub. They wanted to move because members found it difficult to find content. They had a lot of ideas on how to cross sell in the platform but it was difficult using CustomerHub. They wanted to have a welcome page that only showed up once and that page to be customized. 

After: We are able to do all of the above and much more. We implemented 1-click upsells from within the site, which increased conversions and customer service inquires. All of their content now lives in one, easy to access site. 

Above is the login screen before and after. We created a branded version, which demonstrated how professional the company is as well allows for people to click to join if they are not already. 

Above is the welcome page. This only appears once, the first time a member logs in. They have the client fill out a form to track their progress. Before, members would fill in a different email then was on their record. This was breaking this system and creating work for the CS team. We made it so their name and email is no longer editable, eliminating this problem. 

Above is one of the module pages. Before, all the content was on one big long page. This made is challenging to keep track of where a member was in the content. We put the content into Learndash and improved the overall UX. 


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