Tech Ninjas Team

"We are primarily based out of Canada, but you can find our team members around the world. We LOVE technology and are avid learners. We like to solve problems with clever tech tricks, and nothing makes us quite as happy as figuring out a good tech brain teaser. I am blessed to be able to bring together this amazing team. I hope you will have the chance to see their brilliance in action."
Melodie Moore
Founder, Sensei
melodie moore

Melodie, Founder

Favorite piece of tech: Ipad with Ipencil that lets her take endless notes without killing trees.
Based out of:  Toronto, Canada
Favorite place to work out of: One of the many amazing coffee shops throughout Toronto. 

Val, Client Liaison

Favorite piece of tech:  my Canon 5D camera, and my phone for music, podcasts and Google Maps!
Based out of: Montreal, Toronto & Brooklyn
Favorite place to work out of: Anywhere there is coffee, music and sunlight.


Amy, Technician

Favorite piece of tech: WordPress – there are lots of cool things we can do with it – also my Mac (so slick)
Based out of:  England
Favorite place to work out of: a really great Ethiopian coffee shop in Toronto or my friend Nanci’s apartment, because it’s beautiful and bright

Curtis, Programmer

Favorite piece of tech:  My 5K iMac
Based out of:  Goderich, Ontario, Canada
Favorite place to work out of: home


Tracey, Ninja Support

Favorite piece of tech: Probably my library app – no more lugging around books! I have it on both my phone and my tablet so I can read when my six year old is playing on the tablet 
Based out of: Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Favorite place to work out of: I always work from home – my son’s playroom


Augustus , Programmer

Favorite piece of tech: Laptop, Asus smart phone and WordPress 
Based out of: Philippines
Favorite place to work out of: Home, co-working space, or coffee shop

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